Delivery Time: 1-6 Hours

12 month subscription for 1 of the following devices:

  • Android
  • Firestick
  • IOS
  • KODI
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV

We will send full instructions to receive this portal within 6 hours of order.

For full setup instructions please check the Support Area

Channel List Include:

  • UK CHANNELS: Entertainment|Documentary|Movies|Sports|Lifestyle|Music|News|Kids|Radio
  • CANADIAN CHANNELS: Sports|Comedy|Crime|Food|Discovery|History
  • CZECH CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
  • CHINESE CHANNELS: Discovery|News
  • DANISH CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
  • FRENCH CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
  • GERMAN CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
  • INDIAN CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Kids|News
  • IRISH CHANNELS: Entertainment|Documentary|Movies|Sports|Lifestyle|Music|News|Kids
  • INDIAN CHANNELS: Food|Sport|Entertainment|Movies|News
  • ITALIAN CHANNELS: Movies|Sports|Entertainment|News
  • PAKISTAN CHANNELS: Food|Sport|Entertainment|Movies|News
  • POLISH CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
  • SCANDINAVIAN CHANNELS: Food|Sport|Entertainment|Movies|News
  • SPANISH CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Discovery|History|News
  • SWEDEN CHANNELS: Sports|Kids|Entertainment|Movies|News
  • US CHANNELS: Entertainment|Documentary|Music|Movies|Sports|Kids|Live Events|Radio

Sports Channels Include:

  • BEIN NETWORK: Worldwide sports
  • OSN NETWORK: Sports Network
  • PPV EVENTS: Boxing PPV events live
  • SKYNET SPORTS: Skynet broadcasting UK football channels
  • SKY SPORTS: All Sky Sports channels
  • BT SPORTS: All BT Sports channels
  • WORLD SPORTS: Various global sports networks